Live Scan is electronic fingerprinting.  It is used for background checks.  If you are applying for a license, certification, permit, employment, volunteer or other application, you may require a live scan.  In previous years you had to go to a police department for a background check.  Now there are local small business that provide this service.

How do I get the Live Scan Request Form – When you have a new application, you may find a live scan request form in your packet.  In some cases you are given a live scan request form by the requesting agency that you are applying to.  In other cases, you may be asked to go online for the live scan application.

Contact a local live scan provider.  Live Scan Operators can be found on the Attorney General website in your state.  There may be a list of local providers included with your application.  You can also look online for local merchants that provide this service.  Fill out the application and make the appointment.  Always call ahead for availability.  Many operators are by appointment with limited hours.  If you are in Orange County, CA a good place to go is Notary Plus Mobile Service. .    It’s a “One Stop Shop” for many applications that require fingerprinting, notary and a photo.

What to bring – This is for a background check, so you must apply in person.  Bring your live scan request form and a current driver license or government issued ID to the appointment.  Don’t forget to bring your wallet if you have to pay for the service.  State fees are collected at the time of service unless you have a billing number on your form.  Most applications in this area run $49 to $69 dollars.  Some are less for instance if you are a volunteer.  Some are more if you require a child check or firearms permit.  There are over 1,000 live scan applications, so do not expect the live scan operator to know what application you need or how much it costs.

How it works – The day of your appointment, the live scan operator will take your application and ID.  It will be entered electronically.  The live scan operator will collect your fees.  Next you will have your fingerprints rolled on to a live scan terminal electronically.  The live scan operator will submit your application to the Department of Justice the same day.  The results will be returned to the requesting agency that is processing your application.

How long is it good for – Every application requires a new background check.  Even on renewals, they want to make sure that it is still you, and not someone else using your credentials.

Teresa Lewis

Notary Plus Mobile Service