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*You may be contacted for more information about this submission. This office does not hire employees. You may be contacted as an independent contractor using your own Commission, Bond and Insurance.  Most assignments are scheduled with short notice and may require printing of documents.  If you are called for an assignment, you are expected to be on time and dress professional.  Please remember that you represent Notary Plus Mobile Service, so you are not to leave your business card or contact information with a client.  Please refer the client back to Notary Plus Mobile Service for future contact.  Submission of this page confirms your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions as an independent contractor.

You will be required to submit a W-9 and copy of your Notary Commission, bond and insurance with your first assignment.

Instructions:  Open Link, Fill Out Form, Email to:

Form W-9 (Rev. August 2013) – Internal Revenue Service

If you have any questions, please email