Live Scan Fingerprinting collects fingerprints electronically and transmits them to the Department of Justice to see if any criminal history information matches the fingerprints or identifying information for the applicant.

Live Scan Fingerprinting is needed for individuals with a certification, license, or, permit.

An employer or agency/bureau provides the applicant with a Request for Live Scan form, known as form BCII 8016.  An individual can request their own record review background check.  Fees are collected by the Live Scan technician unless a billing code is found on the Request for Live Scan form.

Live Scan forms and information can be found on the State of California Webpage

To Complete the Live Scan process you will need:
1) a completed Request for Live Scan Form,
2) valid government issued Photo ID, Drivers License or Passport,
3) payment, credit/debit card, cash, check or money order. The process takes 10-15 minutes.

Results can be checked at The Department of Justice 24 hour service line by calling (916) 227-4557 with your birth date and ATI # found on the bottom of the processed Request for Live Scan form.

Auto Sales –
Child Care –
CPA License –
Dentist –
Finance Lender License –
Massage Therapist –
Notary Public –
Notary Acknowledgment 2019 –
Notary Jurat 2019 – 
Nursing –
Physician/Surgeon –
Psychologist –
Real Estate license –
Record Review –
Registered Dental Assistant –
Teacher –
Visa –