Do you ever wonder what may be on your criminal record?  People request background checks on themselves for various reasons.  If it’s for employment, visa, immigration or you just want to know what is on your record, there is a process.  A full background check requires fingerprints.  The information should go through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Do I have to go to the Police Department?  No – Most local law enforcement agencies now have limited days/hours or have stopped fingerprinting service for the general public. There are private contractors that can assist you with a background check. You can find an authorized Fingerprint Agent in your area by visiting the DOJ website in your state.

I was told that I need my fingerprints on a card.  How do I do that?  Ink fingerprints must be done by an authorized Fingerprint Agent. The fingerprint card or Form FD258 may be available by the Fingerprint Agent if it was not mailed with your application.  Most Live Scan Operators do not provide ink fingerprinting service.  You should call ahead to find a fingerprint agent that provides ink fingerprinting and has the cards available.

I need a background check to apply for a license, where do I start?  If you are applying for a Real Estate License you would start at the Board of Real Estate.  Print the Live Scan Request form and bring it to an authorized Live Scan Provider.  If you are applying for Nursing License you would visit the Board of Nursing in the state you are applying.  Visit the Agency website that regulates your license for the proper application.

Who gets the results if you are doing a Self Record Check?  The results will be mailed directly to you. If your request is for employment or other application, the results will go to the Custodian of Records that requested the background check.

Notary Plus Mobile Service provides background checks and license application processing for all states. Call (949)702-3551 or visit  for more information.

Remember – Do not give your personal information to an online company that is not approved for a background check!